Forex Fury Review – Is Forex Fury Legit?

Forex Fury Review: In this Forex Fury review, we explain if Forex Fury is a legit Forex EA and why you should trade with Forex Fury in 2022 (and beyond!) to get fantastic trading results.

Since the 1970s, people have tried their luck in the Forex market. Some successful Forex traders like George Soros, Andrew Kreiger, etc., have become millionaires overnight. And some have lost all their riches within a matter of hours.

Do you know why some people are successful in this volatile market? While some struggle to protect their investments? The difference between the groups is that the previous one plans its strategies before pulling the trigger. Whereas the latter doesn’t invest time into planning.

Forex trading has undergone many changes over the past few decades. And with the advancement in technology, traders can now open better positions and seize good profit chunks.

Wondering how it’s possible? All thanks to Forex EA.

Today many traders have opted to automate their trading and protect their capital against unfavorable market conditions. If you want to join the clan of successful traders, Forex bots can be of immense help.

Forex EAs automate your trading. They open or close the position or pull you out of an unfavorable trade even when you are fast asleep.

However, we have a small problem with Forex EAs here…

There are plenty of Forex EAs out there. But you cannot trust them all. Because many of these Forex EAs are no less than a scam. Forex Fury is one of the popular Forex EAs in the market.

Let’s see if this Forex EA is legit or just another scam?

Forex Fury – Introduction

Forex Fury is undoubtedly one of the most advanced and best automated Forex EAs. It was designed and developed by Rypax Inc. The developers of this EA understand the needs of a Forex trader. Thus, they’ve designed this EA by keeping in view the needs of traders of all levels. A beginner and an advanced trader can use it without scratching his head.

Main Features of Forex Fury

Let’s explore the different features offered by this remarkable Forex EA:

  • Compatibility 

Forex Fury is compatible with the following trading platforms: including

  • MetaTrader4
  • MetaTrader5
  • FIFO
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The second feature of this Forex EA is:

  • Wide Range of Filters 

Forex Fury provides its customers with a wide variety of different filters. Filters are of great help to Forex traders. They can understand the market situation and price movement by applying different filters. This, in return, allows traders to devise their trading strategies and minimize their risks. 

  • Easy to Install and Use

One of the most notable features of this Forex EA is its ease of use. Beginner traders can easily install and use it without any problems.

Moving on to its 4th feature….

  • Quick Customer Service 

The customer service team of Forex Fury is very prompt. They don’t take ages to respond to their customers’ problems. In case of any problems, traders can connect with the customer support team and find feasible solutions.

Up next, we have:

  • ECN Support

Forex Fury supports ECN. This advanced Forex EA has built-in money management systems. Traders can rely on them to ace their Forex trading.

How to Install Forex Fury?

Some of the Forex EAs in the markets are a nightmare to install and run. However, Forex Fury is one of the easiest Forex EAs to download, install, and run without a hitch.

The developers provide customers with an installation video and a guide. Customers can easily install the Forex Fury and run it in less than 10 minutes.

Is Forex Fury Profitable?

According to the developers, the winning rate of Forex Fury is 93%. And to back their claims, they have 15-year backtesting results available.

This advanced Forex EA’s tested and proven SET files and its risk strategies ranging from low to high make it helpful for traders to earn hefty profits.

Forex Fury’s MyFXBook Trading Results

As we mentioned earlier, Forex Fury doesn’t make any false claims. To back the winning rate of this remarkable bot, you can see solid proof on MyFXBook.

The image below shows the trading result of Forex Fury on MyFXBook:

Forex Fury’s Latest Version in 2022

Forex Fury endeavors to provide its customer with nothing but the best. The developers constantly strive to introduce the best features in Forex Fury to help traders win more trades.

The latest rolled-out version is BETA V5. It is better and more advanced than the previous versions of Forex Fury.

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The list below shows some of the latest features added in the Forex Fury BETA version:

  • News Filter 

News is of immense importance to Forex traders. A trader must be well aware of all the country’s economic, political, and social news as it significantly impacts the currency pairs.

News filter is the newly added feature in the BETA version. This feature enables traders to access the major market news. Moreover, traders can even filter or search for specific news.

Moving on to the next feature:

  • Trend Filter

Understanding trends and price movements are a must for the Forex trader. Forex Fury’s BETA version has the remarkable feature of a trend filter. With the help of this filter, traders can select their desired timeframe and check the trends.

Observing and understanding trends help traders devise a solid trading strategy.

The third newly added feature in the Forex Fury BETA version is:

  • Enable or Hide SL/TP

A trader can now easily enable or hide SL/TP. Thanks to the developers for adding this awesome feature to the BETA version.

Up next, we have:

  • Martingale Strategy Adjustments

The Forex Fury BETA version’s Martingale strategy is quite aggressive. It can protect a trader’s position and investment in risky market conditions.

Another fantastic feature of the latest version is:

  • Money Management Adjustments

The Money Management Adjustments feature has the tendency to improve a trader’s performance and increase his growth in the Forex market. It allows traders to minimize their risks, maintain their performance, and open more favorable positions.

Forex Fury Client Reviews (On 3rd-Party Sites!)

Are you still doubting if Forex Fury is a legit Forex EA?

No problem. How about you look at what people say about this advanced trading bot? Forex Fury has a fantastic 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. You can visit the website and verify it yourself.

The 4.5-star rating and plenty of positive reviews show that Forex Fury is one of the most reliable and best Forex EA in the market.

Is Forex Fury the Best Forex EA in the Market?

After viewing its Trustpilot ratings, over a hundred reviews from happy customers, and the remarkable results of MyFXBook, we can say that Forex Fury is one of the best, legit, and most advanced Forex EA.

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It’s time to talk about one of the most frequently asked questions: Is Forex Fury free to use?

Is Forex Fury Free to Use?

Good things in life are not free. You have to pay the price for acquiring products and services that maximize the chances of earning profits. Forex Fury is a paid Forex EA. However, its prices are super affordable, and anyone can buy it.

You are only required to pay for this bot once in your life. And in return, you will get lifetime customer support, updates, and membership from the company.

Forex Fury offers two packages, namely Gold and Diamond. Let’s discuss the features of each package.

Gold Package 

  • The price of this package is $229.99;
  • Customers will receive 1 license for a live trading account and infinite demo accounts;
  • Customers will also be allotted free lifetime membership, updates, and fast customer service.

The gold package is ideal for small and intermediate traders. The only drawback of this package is that it allows 1 license. However, if you want licenses for 2 live trading accounts, the Diamond package will be perfect.

Diamond Package 

  • The price of this package is $439.99;
  • Customers will receive 2 licenses for live trading accounts and infinite demo accounts;
  • Customers will also get free lifetime membership, updates, and fast customer service.

Customers have to pay just once to avail of all these services. They do not have to pay any extra fees or annual charges for updates, membership, or top-notch customer support.

Forex Fury Review: In a Nutshell

Automating trading accounts is quite the rage in the trading world. It saves time and removes emotions from trading.

If you plan to get your hands on a reliable, profitable, and best Forex EA, don’t forget to check out Forex Fury. This powerful Forex EA has everything that a trader needs. Moreover, this trading bot is not only designed for advanced traders. Even beginner traders can reap the same benefits from it.

Moreover, before making the final purchase, check for the legit reviews of this Forex EA on authentic review websites and online communities.

Happy trading!

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