German Crypto Startup Aims to Revolutionize CBD Market Using Blockchain

The Start-Up CeBioLabs from Hamburg wants to revolutionize the market for CBD and Cannabis. Blockchain technology will play a key role. The legal entity behind CeBioLabs is CeBiol Blockchain Solutions Gmbh, which was launched in Hamburg at the end of 2021. The team includes CeBiol GmbH, which has already been successfully selling CBD products in Europe since 2018, and a team of experts in crypto and blockchain technologies. The entire project is accompanied by a renowned law firm for financial and capital law and has been reviewed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority “BaFin”, which has classified the CBSL token as a so-called “utility token”.

The CBD and Cannabis market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This is partly due to the global wave of legalization, but also because cannabis is increasingly being used for medical tick. Forecasts from research institutes show that the rapid growth will continue in the coming years. With several years of experience in the market, the company CeBiol knows the market, its weaknesses, and problems.

Lack of Transparency in the Value Chains

You have a long way to go before CBD and Cannabis products reach the end customer. The entire value chain is very complex, partly because many very different players are involved in it. Often, relevant information within the supply chain is not known to the actors involved, is not communicated correctly, or is lost. Overall, the market is characterized by a high degree of intransparency. Particularly in the case of products for ingestion, strict quality control along the entire supply chain is extremely important. Quality and transparency play an increasingly important role and are particularly significant in the sensitive topic of cannabis.

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The CeBioLabs SCM as a Modern Complete Solution for the Market

The company CeBiolabs has developed the world’s first blockchain-based supply-chain management system to ensure transparency and traceability along the entire value chain for CBD products. The CeBioLabs SCM supply chain management tool provides all market players involved in the value chain, from the cultivation of the plants, to the sale of the end products, with a comprehensive platform on which all relevant information on production, processing and distribution steps, including quality controls and laboratory analyses, is documented in detail and permanently accessible. Through blockchain technology, all data is stored in a decentralized and immutable manner. The CeBioLabs SCM Tool will make the value chain for CBD products transparent and traceable for all stakeholders. The tool can be extended for cannabis products and is thus usable for the entire, global Cannabis industry.

The International CeBioLabs Marketplace

Another development is the CBSL Marketplace, a global marketplace for CBD products and services. As trading in raw materials and CBD products is often difficult, due to major trading exchanges banning many CBD products, the potential of this multi-billion-dollar market cannot begin to be exploited. The CBSL Marketplace will allow all players, such as agricultural companies, contract extractors, contract fillers, laboratories, and retailers, to offer and trade their products and services freely and unregulated worldwide. The focus will be on B2B trade. Numerous rating and payment options will be integrated into the CBSL Marketplace.

The CeBioLabs Blockchain-based Portal for Certified Proofs of Authenticity (COA)

CeBioLabs also plans to launch a blockchain-based portal for certificates of authenticity (CoA). Due to the huge and fast-growing CBD market, there are also more and more suppliers and products that cannot meet or prove the required quality standards. Also, the authenticity of provided analyses often cannot be proven. This is where the CeBioLabs CoA comes into play. Here, the results of laboratory analyses are stored directly and first-hand in the blockchain in the form of certificates of analysis. CBD providers from all over the world thus can submit their analyses via laboratories. A digital identity is assigned to the analyses, and this is also stored within the blockchain. All results as well as the digital identity are unchangeable and traceable and retrievable for all market participants at any time. The CeBioLabs CoA is also extensible to all types of Cannabis products and will be usable around the world.

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The CBSL Token within the CeBioLabsEnterprise Ecosystem

The CBSL Token will play a key role in the CeBioLabs enterprise ecosystem. The CBSL Token is a transferable and freely tradable utility token specifically designed for the CeBioLabs ecosystem. Only through the token, users gain access to the exclusive services explained.  All CeBioLabs B2B solutions will be chargeable for the companies. The user fees must be paid in CBSL tokens. The fees will be openly communicated in advance and dynamically calculated according to the daily CBSL rate.  Due to the many projects within the company, the CBSL Token will have numerous useful functions. In conclusion, the more CBSL solutions are used, the greater the demand for CBSL tokens will be.The CBSL token has been audited by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and classified as a utility token.

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