How to Send Cash to your Family in the Philippines from Overseas – All You Need To Know

Do you have any relatives who live in another country? Or do you have a child that studies abroad? There are various reasons to make an international money transfer, and finding the correct transferring provider will help alleviate a lot of the stress. Car keys and bank visits aren’t required when transferring money abroad. Like expatriates from many other countries, the Philippines is no exception, with more than 12 million people living in foreign countries. So, if you also want to send money to Philippines or any other country from overseas, this guide is right for you.

You can send money online through firms that charge lower fees than large banks, which charge an average of $40. Let’s have a look at how to make a transfer to another country.

Considerations Before Sending Money Abroad

Before conducting an international money transfer, you should invest time and investigate the various money transfer services based on the following factors:

  • Transaction Dependability

Check to see if the remittance company is trustworthy. Banks and financial institutions may charge a higher cost, but they are generally reliable. Don’t let a lower transfer charge or a greater exchange rate dictate your remittance method. Examine the remittance trail from the donor to the receiver.

  • Time to Transfer

How much time will it take for the money to arrive? Some transfers can be completed in a matter of hours or days, while others, particularly checks, wire transfers, and money orders, may take longer. ACE offers the best way to transfer money internationally, and it takes less time to complete the transfer.

  • Rates And Fees

Rates and fees are about how much it costs to send money to someone in another country. Usually, there is some form of cost. Check this to make sure you know what to expect.

  • Customer Service

Having someone to turn to when you run into problems or have questions. In the case of a hiccup, such as a delay or non-arrival of funds, ensure that the remittance provider you chose has respected customer service.

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Options for Sending Money Abroad

  • Wire Transfers

Once you’ve decided on a money transfer provider, it’s time to transmit the funds. A wire transfer is one of the quickest ways to electronically transfer money from one person to another using a bank or a nonbank service such as ACE money transfer.

You’ll need the routing number, account number, and recipient’s name for a domestic wire transfer. You may additionally require the recipient’s address. You can send this online, or you may need to go to a local bank location. Wire transfers are fast and provide the best international money transfer services but they are also costly.

  • Mobile App 

If you use an international money transfer app, create an account, link your checking account, or add a credit card as a payment method.

Simply follow the steps on the screen to enter the information for the recipient and your personal information. Both parties will most likely require a phone number. 

You can choose whether and where they pick up the money. Any transfer fees will be displayed in the app. After that, you can accept it and send money.

  • Without an Account

There are ways to send money if you don’t have a bank account or have cash on hand in cash. In this case, you must physically give over the cash and have it transferred via a credit union or money wire agency. Remember that this strategy necessitates standing in line and having cash on hand.

  • Third-party firms

You don’t have to use your bank to transmit money. Third-party companies can help you eliminate transaction costs by sending money from a linked bank account or using third-party apps. MoneyGram and ACE money transfer are two alternative ways to send money.

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Remember that foreign transaction fees are usually higher. You will also be charged an exchange rate on foreign currency transfers.

Look for a safer, more secure way to send money to relatives and friends back home. Send money in a way that makes international money transfers quicker, safer, more accessible, and less expensive. Over million consumers worldwide rely on ACE’s dependable and user-friendly money transfer services.

Final Thoughts 

It is all about sending money to a person in another country. We wish you luck in searching for the cheapest way to transfer money internationally. ACE’s services are best for sending money internationally.

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