How To Transfer Money From Crypto To Your Bank Account

Have you ever had the difficult task of sending money to someone in a country that doesn’t offer cryptocurrency? Let’s say you have to send them Bitcoin? Depending on what technology they use, it could be really easy.

Introduction to cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency, sometimes referred to as virtual currency, can be purchased by converting fiat currencies (e.g. dollars) into crypto. Cryptocurrency then can be used just like any other currency but in a decentralized system that avoids the need for banks and credit cards, but it has many risks involved with its use. When someone wishes to convert crypto back into fiat currencies they must first transfer their crypto to an exchange, which will sell the currency for actual money.

What is the best way to transfer your cryptocurrencies from exchange to bank account

You should always transfer funds from a crypto to a bank account in a way that guarantees the highest security and best convenience. One of the ways this can be accomplished is to first swap your cryptocurrency for fiat at an exchange. Do not use new cryptocurrencies as an intermediary during these transactions, such as Bitcoin Cash. Now, purchase your Monero with US dollar or Euro that you previously transferred from the exchange on a different platform (if you traded).

How to transfer money from crypto to your bank account

If you have some Bitcoin and Ether from your recent investments, you may want to transfer it over to USD. There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is an online exchange that allows you to convert your Bitcoins or Ethers into US dollars, then wait for the cost of transactions to go down and send them over to your bank account with a wire transfer. This usually takes four-five days in order for the transaction time and cost to become more manageable. Another way is using cryptocurrency exchanges such as Poloniex, where individuals can sell their crypto and use it on different markets without having to convert it into either cash money or transfer it directly into a bank account.

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Things to consider before you start a cryptocurrency transfer

Sending crypto to a bank account is the fastest and safest way of acquiring the traditional assets you want. The cryptocurrency transfer process can take up to a few days, however, so you need to consider several different variables before starting your transfer. Do you have an idle amount of funds to start with? What exchange platform are you sending on? Is the exchange platform reputable? These are just some of the questions that need to be considered before taking that plunge.

How do you withdraw or cash out cryptocurrencies

With the immense popularity of cryptocurrencies on the internet and fluctuating value, finding a reliable service that allows you to transfer money from coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum has been hard. Some companies have tried expanding customer support so they can do over-the-phone or in person transactions to cash out funds in their cryptocurrency wallet, but customers have not been satisfied with the services offered. The most reliable option is CoinSwitch–a multidimensional platform that is available online and offers bitcoin transfer services. Users are able to use this reliable and legitimate company to quickly switch prices of different cryptocurrencies.


In order to avoid scams, many people have switched over to cryptocurrencies after the popularity of Bitcoin. Although it is still new, these currencies are becoming very popular among investors who can take advantage of some more higher yields in comparison to traditional investments.

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