How and where to Buy [coin_name]?

Overview on [coin_name]: The latest Valuation! 

The live [coin_name] price as of [today] is [current_price] USD with a 24-hour trading volume of [vol24] USD. We update our [coin_short] to USD price every 24 hours.  The current market cap of [coin_name] is [market_cap].


So, let’s not keep you waiting any longer and directly hit the track of making Crypto money, [coin_name]! 

Step by Step Guide to buy [coin_name]

While making Crypto money is concerned, what else can be more crucial if not a step-by-step guidebook? Specifically, if you are the one trying to make money through cryptocurrency, this segment stands extremely important for your course of action down the line! Thus, stay alert and read the steps thoroughly. 

Step 1 – Register on Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange to buy [coin_short]

Hey, did you buy any of the major cryptocurrencies? If not, now it is time to take the call to action! 

Start with registering your account so that you can buy the cryptocurrency, here, Bitcoins. Perhaps, any crypto exchange platform shall serve. But, you have to choose the one that suits your needs and criteria, of course. Be aware of fee policies, if any, and also, the kind of exchanges they offer. 

After vividly scrutinizing the policies of the platform, leave the mark of your presence in the platform with a quick registration there. 


Voila! You receive free bitcoins worth $10 after buying crypto worth $100. Certainly, the received value shall also go high with your investment rate initially, but 100 is a good start so as to not lose money to accomplish greed.

Step 2 – Buy Bitcoins as per the budget of your pocket! 

Now that you have already registered and are a proclaimed KYC account holder, the next step calls for adding a payment method to buy cryptocurrency, in this case, Bitcoins. 


Well, here you shall be gifted with three different options of the transaction – First is the credit card; the second is your debit card; or otherwise just an online bank transfer. However, there is a twist, like always! While transactions with either card charge relatively higher transaction fees, the relaxation to purchase instantly is a boon. On the other hand, a bank transfer will be undoubtedly cheaper for you, but the process tends to get much slower. Yet again, the speed of transactions hereby varies in terms of the location where you reside.

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Not to worry! Some platforms and countries have the opportunity of fetching instant cash deposits, with even minimum fees. Are you one of that countrymen, huh? Then, quickly confirm your payment method and click on the ‘trade’ button, popping on your phone’s screen. 

Knock! That’s a chart of various cryptocurrencies given to you. So, you can confirm your transaction by choosing bitcoins, and you unlock You can even use Bitmart, the next door to making Crypto money successfully!

Step 3 – Transfer your Bitcoins to an Altcoin Exchange! 

[Please Note: As [coin_name] is an altcoin, a step asking you to transfer your bitcoin to an exchange shall stand by! The Exchange where you trade it with [coin_name].]

Expert says – Always use a popular exchange website where you can trade altcoins; the one that consists of a variety of tradable altcoin pairs and truly has impressive liquidity. In fact, many specialists recommend BitMart because unlike other exchanges that offer a thin order book to the customers of the USA.

Anyway, just like the process of registering is similar to all platforms, the other follows! Below is the list of some exchanges you can register for exchange and continue the process to buy [coin_name] .


Once you click the option to transfer, the online operator shall ask you to set up a 2-step authentication value for the security of your account. As soon as the security is added, you are licensed to extra security to transfer your bitcoins. 

Step 4 – Deposit the crypto money to your Exchange Wallet! 

Even though you have registered twice till now, you might even have to do the same, depending on the policies of exchange. 

But, the process is likewise easy and straightforward! Within a range of 30 minutes to 2 days at the maximum, get ready to have full access to exchange your wallet where you can make a repository of your money. 

Did you see a box stating the BTC address on your screen? Thy be your BTC wallet’s unique public address! Take a note of it somewhere of your convenience. And then, Click there on the ‘copy address’. That is how the address gets copied to your clipboard. 

Next, you have to get back to your exchange portfolio page, and spot-on BTC in your asset list! What do you see? Is it a table of recipient fields appearing on your screen? That’s where you paste the address from your clipboard. And finally, click ‘send’ to process. 

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The very moment it’s complete, a notification of confirmation shall emerge. Once you click on the confirmation link, your coins are on their way! Right to your exchange wallet! 

You may head to the exchange website wallet to check your incoming money. Or, you may just go by your laziness in the winter to wait for the exchange website to send you the confirmation on their own. 

Step 5 – Review the Price Chart and hit the stage of Trading [coin_name]! 

Hey, it’s time to space back to the  ‘exchange’ option at your cryptocurrency exchange website! 

Here, you shall have to locate a search bar on the right column. Make sure to select ‘BTC’ there, then click it and type in ‘[coin_short]’. 

There you go! 

An option called ‘[coin_short]/BTC’ lay in front. Don’t think twice to click on this pair and avail of the price chart in the middle of the page. Can you see a box below with a green button, saying ‘Buy [coin_short]’? That’s where your next call to action stands firm! Click the box, go inside, and opt the ‘market’ tab. 

In this place, you can either type in your favorable amount, or in other words, choose the portion of your deposit to spend on buying [coin_short]’. Then hit on the ‘percentage’ button you see there. 

Quickly Recap to confirm. The ‘Buy [coin_short]’ option is waiting to feel the touch of your fingers! 

Yeah! You have successfully traded with [coin_name]! 

Step 6 – Why not keep your [coin_name] secure in the Hardware Wallet? 

Halt! Don’t go away before securing your asset as there is a lot waiting outside to grab it off through mischievous stunts. When you have already passed so much hardship to buy [coin_name], now the point comes to secure it, steel-solid! Moreover, if you plan to keep [coin_name] for the long run, you might want it to keep safe. 

See carefully, you’ll find options to store your coins by putting them into Cold Wallets. Alas! Here, only the blockchain will have access when you send funds. This is precisely why Experts suggest securing [coin_name] in Hardware Wallets!

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This wallet will keep your [coin_short] with more safety policies.  How so?  Basically, the Hardware Wallets are USB-enabled devices that can capture crucial information of your wallet into a secure manifold. What is better than that? 

FAQs on How & where to buy [coin_name]:  

Q.1. Is there any option to buy [coin_short] with cash? 

Ans. Unfortunately, you cannot buy [coin_short] with cash. However, you can feel free to utilize a marketplace like LocalBitcoins to initial purchase the BTC with money and then transfer it to the Altcoin Exchange. 

Q.2. Are [coin_name] payments refundable? 

Ans. No, all payments in [coin_name] are irreversible, be it any transaction issued. However, they can be refunded by the person who receives them only. So, It is always better to be cautious while trading and doing business with individuals or organizations. 

Q.3. Can [coin_name] be used anonymously? 

Ans. Sorry to say, but [coin_name] is not anonymous till now. Therefore, extra effort is required to secure the data and assets. It is because all transactions and balance appear publicly on the network and hence needs a hardware wallet more than any other crypto asset.

Q.4. What is the Current Market Price of [coin_name]?

Ans. Current market price of [coin_name] as of [today] is [current_price].

Q.4. Can we buy [coin_name] in Europe?

Ans. Yes, there are even online banks in Europe in which you can simply open an account and transfer money to exchanges such as Coinbase.

Summing up:

Now that you have come to learn about the steps on how and where to buy [coin_name], the platforms where you can trade so, and the significant ways of securing the funds in a high-quality hardware wallet with some more encrypted tools to the rescue, it’s time we bid goodbye and straightway go to the action of crypto exchange.

I hope the article served your purpose. Even if not completely, you can come back anytime and drop your queries and doubt for us to help you with. We are obliged to serve you will all information of blockchain, any time and anywhere.

Regards and Best Wishes!

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